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Look and Feel Great with This Week’s Joyus Boutique Deals

This week’s “Joyus Boutique” deals will have you looking and feeling great!

We have a fantastic cooling pillow that will help you sleep better in any position. The copper-infused, bamboo charcoal design protects against allergens and odor, while head and neck support reduces snoring. This compression leg massager is great for anyone who works out a lot, is on their feet all day, or is recovering from an injury. Skip the pricy spa massage and improve circulation to promote faster healing at home. Lastly, if you get that pillow and add this mask, you can forget about insomnia! This cushioned eye mask blocks out light and has Bluetooth headphones built in so you can meditate or listen to relaxing music while you fall asleep.

Take a look as Sadie Murray breaks down these items further!

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