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Actor Max Ehrich’s Secret Weapon for Staying Fit — Even During Quarantine!

Looking for a way to keep your fitness routine on track during quarantine?

Future is a digital personal training service that connects users one-on-one with elite coaches for custom training programs.

The app is used by pro athletes as well as celebs, including actor and singer Max Ehrich, who told “Extra” about his experience working with Coach Kyle Gonzalez.

“Future has been so clutch in keeping my fitness health consistent and vibes high, especially during this quarantine,” Max said. “Kyle has not only been such an incredibly great trainer but has become one of my good friends. Always checking in on me to inspire me to stay on my game.”

Check out the video, as Coach Kyle takes you through some at-home exercises.

Below are the ideal sets and reps for the moves demonstrated:
Warm-up (2-3 rounds/sets)
Lateral line hops 15-20 secs
Lateral bounds 15-20 secs

Upper/lower combo moves (2-3 rounds/sets)
Squat to press 15-20 reps with 15-30 sec iso hold after the last rep
RDL to upright row 12–15 reps
RFE Split Squat 10-12 reps each leg with 10-15 sec iso hold
Lunge to Curl 8-10 reps each leg (16-20 curls)

Core Finisher (2-3 rounds)(AMRAP)
Plank Saws 30 secs
6inch hold with chest press 30 secs
Mountain Climber 30 secs

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