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Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss Talk Neo & Trinity Love Story in ‘Matrix: Resurrections’

“Extra’s” Special Correspondent Samantha Harris spoke with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss about their new movie “The Matrix: Resurrections.”

The two opened up on completing Neo and Trinity’s love story 20 years later. Keanu said, “It’s always a good time for a love story and even more today… Lana Wachowski wanted to bring Trinity and Neo together and tell that love story. I’m glad she did.”

Keanu and Carrie-Anne also dished on their training for their movie, which required them to film fight scenes. Carrie commented, “I loved training for all these films… We get to spend that time together and sweat and figure out what we’re gonna do.”

Keanu also called the training “fun,” but he hasn’t kept up with the kung-fu.

While playing Trinity has been a “highlight” for Carrie-Anne, do her kids think of her as an action star? She answered, “I don’t think they think of me in that way. They’re very proud of me… They respect what I do, but I haven’t asked them… They may laugh.”

Reeves also dished on his generous gesture to the cast of “John Wick,” gifting them Rolex watches. He said, “There was a team who were with me from the very beginning. It was just a little token to say thank you… It was a really special experience.”

“The Matrix: Resurrections” hits theaters December 22.

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