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JoJo Siwa Teases Plans for ‘DWTS’ Semifinals

“Extra” spoke with JoJo Siwa and dance partner Jenna Johnson after they made it through to the semifinals of Season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Along with “looking forward to the semifinals,” JoJo noted, “I think every week we reach a new landmark and we reach a new height, and I think the semifinals is such an accomplishment and such an achievement that being there means the absolute world.”

She teased, “I want to tell a story that I have yet to tell in the semifinals, and I think it's gonna happen. I'm happy about that.”

Jenna noted that it’s “bittersweet,” saying, “I would have loved to have been there with my husband [Valentin Chmerkovskiy].”

Val and his partner Olivia Jade were eliminated this week.

Before Val and Olivia Jade were sent home, Jenna and JoJo were able to share a dance with them. Jenna said, “Knowing we were gonna be going against them, we got a camera block with them, got to spend some time with them. It was just fun to share the stage. I think they were such an amazing and powerful couple on the dance floor.”

Jenna questioned the elimination.

This week, everyone performed to Janet Jackson’s songs. Recalling the first time she heard Janet, Jenna said, “I just remember her Super Bowl performance and just like how epic that was, so that would be I think my first memory of Janet.”

Of Janet’s wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl, Jenna said, “Happens to us all the time.”

Jenna emphasized, “It definitely has happened to me. Like a butt cheek, a little nip slip — just happens.”

JoJo chimed in, “I split all of my pants. Like, every single pair of pants that I wear on tour all split every single night — every single pair. I get offstage, I take them straight to wardrobe and sew the crotch.”

Do they think they made Janet proud with their performance? Jenna answered, “She gave us a lot of female empowerment this week just by listening to her song, like, every single day. So I really hope we did her proud.”

As for how they plan to celebrate if they walk home with the Mirror Ball Trophy, Jenna quipped, “Probably go streaking through New York City.”

JoJo quipped, “Streaking? Not all of us are as confident as you. I will be in my hotel room, probably... You'll be with me, but I'm not streaking in New York... Chicken fingers, pizza, like a feast, mukbang.”

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