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John Mellencamp Talks Ideal Woman, Plus: His Major Regret — EXCLUSIVE

“Extra” Special Correspondent Teddi Mellencamp spoke with her famous rocker dad John Mellencamp, who just turned 70!

Only Teddi could rib her dad about being on Instagram and get his take on dating. He said, “I don’t care what anybody does. I don’t care how much money the person’s got. Is she a nice person? Is she funny? Can she stand John Mellencamp?”

John also wasn’t afraid to open up on his regrets in life, like “Not being mature enough to stay married to Elaine [Irwin].” He added, “I don’t know how you can live 70 years without having regrets.”

John commented, “The fact that I’m even sitting here talking to my daughter at 70 is a real success story.”

As for what he’s most proud of, John answered, “I’m most proud of you kids. I’m proud of you kids because you could’ve turned out quite differently.”

Mellencamp is staying busy, recently collaborating with Bruce Springsteen on a song called “Wasted Days.” Along with calling Bruce “articulate” and “handsome,” John stressed that the song is “just reminding people that your time is valuable.”

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