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Jeremy Renner Talks Watching ‘Hawkeye’ with His Daughter

Weeks ago, “Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers spoke with Jeremy Renner about his two new shows: “Mayor of Kingstown” and “Hawkeye.”

“Hawkeye” is coming out just in time for the holidays. He said, ‘It’s a really wonderful kind of event, a holiday kind of thing, which I’m really excited about. It’s something I can watch with my daughter, which will be interesting. I can’t wait.”

Does his daughter Eva know that he is Hawkeye? He answered, “She’s never seen many things, so it will be nice to kind of share with her a little bit.”

Renner also expressed excitement about his family’s holiday plans. He said, “I'm sure I'll go up to the ranch in the mountains with the family and do some sledding. It's always good to have a white Christmas… It's gonna be pretty special.”

As for “Mayor of Kingstown,” Jeremy is starring as Mike McLusky, who he describes as “the grease of the lubricant for the inner workings… of incarcerations.” He added, “He's the guy that can figure it out for everyone to keep the peace.”

Of McLusky’s family, Renner dished, “They are a family in a town where a prison town where pretty much everything in the town is about the business of incarceration. In or outside the prison, everything is about essentially how the operations of that operates.”

Jeremy said he was able to relate to his character in some way. “I guess in the sense that he's a doer and he's very principled in what he's doing and he's a pretty selfless character.”

Noting that he would hate Mike’s job in real life, Renner emphasized, “I certainly admire the character in a lot of ways, just something that I could never do.”

In the show, his character finds solace in his cabin. Renner quipped, ‘I have happy places and a cabin in the woods would probably be a happy place for me.”

“Mayor of Kingstown” premieres November 14 on Paramount+.

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