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How Kirsten Dunst & Jesse Plemons Became Creative Soulmates

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke with real-life couple Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons about co-starring in the new movie “The Power of the Dog.”

Years after working together on “Fargo,” they play a married couple in “The Power of the Dog.” Jesse shared, “It is really nice going through the same experience. She’s my favorite actor to work with, and to get to do that, there’s an easy element to it that makes it more fun.”

Kirsten added, “We’re good at, like, jumping off the cliff together. It’s why we got along on ‘Fargo.’ We were both like, ‘No ego.’ We creatively were kind of soulmates first.”

They two “push each other in a way that I haven’t experienced before,” Jesse emphasized.

The pair also opened up on working with co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. Due to the dynamics between their characters, Kirsten revealed that she “didn’t talk on set” with Benedict. She added, “We weren’t in that many scenes together… If it’s for the work and it makes everyone better, it’s fine.”

As for the Oscar buzz surrounding the movie and the possibility of being nominated, Jesse quipped, “I say, just give it to her.”

His response had Kirsten laughing!

“The Power of the Dog” is in theaters November 17 and on Netflix December 1.

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