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Hailee Steinfeld & Jeremy Renner Give Hope to More ‘Hawkeye’

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke with Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner about their new Marvel show, “Hawkeye.”

As for how the series will fit into the MCU and future Marvel movies, Jeremy said, “It’s gonna live in the holidays for sure. I’m hoping it’s a repeat action. If you wanna watch a fun holiday action adventure show, this might be the one.”

Jeremy also gave some advice to Hailee about being part of the MCU, stressing the importance of staying hydrated and napping regularly.

In the show, Renner is reprising his role as Clint Barton, a character he has played in several Marvel movies. He teased, “I think we’ll see a lot more [of] what I think we do know about him, cementing that there’s a lot more humor instead of just a one-liner.”

Referencing Hailee and Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel characters, Jeremy elaborated, “The relationship with Kate, there’s a lot of growth, a lot of that’s expressed to the audience. Things that have haunted him from the past. I think everyone wants to know how he feels about the loss of Natasha, ’cause he’s the one who was closest to her… Stuff with the family and all the elements that I think are... definitely expressed in a longer way.”

For Hailee’s role as Kate Bishop, she was required to learn archery. She shared, “I loved every second of the archery training… I watched all these videos and I had an idea in my head of what my form might look like. Showed up at the archery range for the first time, and it turns out I had a lot of work to do. But I did it and I definitely improved.”

Calling it a “therapeutic sport,” Hailee noted, “It requires this intense focus and being present and there’s a sort of quietness to it as well. It’s really peaceful.”

When Rachel complimented Hailee and Jeremy for bringing comedy to the interview, Jeremy commented, “It helps set the tone for what our show is. A lot of people I think are very surprised the way the show is being promoted... It is Christmas. It has a holiday adventureness to it.”

While there are some “bumps in the road” in the show, Jeremy emphasized, “It’s a whole multi-layer thing going on here. We’re not just gonna do a few notes... and it’s expressed with a little bit of humor.”

While both love music, they played coy when asked if their musical talents will be utilized in the show. Hailee noted, “You might have to just wait and see.”

“Hawkeye” streams November 24 on Disney+.

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