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H.E.R. Talks Grammy-Winning Song ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ and Praises Beyoncé: ‘We Beyhive Over Here’

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay caught up with H.E.R. and co-writer Tiara Thomas after their Song of the Year Grammy win for “I Can’t Breathe.”

H.E.R. opened up about the song, which was written after George Floyd’s death.

She explained, “I feel a responsibility to talk about the world around me and express what I feel and use my platform to talk about change and what needs to be fixed in this world. I’m a Black woman. To see someone like Breonna Taylor… it is a different kind of pain, and it is a different kind of sadness when you see someone who looks like you, and thinking, ‘This could be me… that could be my brother, that could be my father…’ That’s where we were coming from, and that’s why we wrote this song. Something needs to change, and this song is part of a movement.”

Rachel also asked about Beyoncé, who made history with the most wins for a female artist, with 28 Grammys across her career.

H.E.R. said, “We Beyhive over here,” and Tiara added, “Just how hard she works, she deserves it.”

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