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Gayle King on Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral and How Prince Harry Will Move Forward with His Family

“Extra’s” Billy Bush talked to Gayle King about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and what the future looks like for the royal family.

Gayle shared, “I always say we have a front-row seat to history in the jobs that we do on morning TV. Today it was really true because we're right here above Westminster Abbey. There was a moment where the bells started peeling and you saw her coffin in the hearse with the big glass windows, so you could see it. I had literal goosebumps just looking at that and hearing that because, talk about the final farewell, it really is the final farewell.”

King shared that having Prince George and Prince Charlotte participate in the funeral was a last-minute decision.

“We were told that Prince William and his wife Princess Kate had a conversation with their children and asked them did they want to be part of it and the children said yes they did,” Gayle said.

As far as the royal rift between Prince Harry and the family, King said, “There have been efforts on both sides… to sort of make this right. We shall see… Big families always go through drama, always go through turmoil. It remains to be seen — are they going to be drawn closer together or are they going to be drawn apart? I have no idea, I have no inside information on that, but I will tell you this: It was good to see Harry standing with his family.”

King also revealed that “every part of the ceremony today the Queen planned… the Queen was very specific about what she wanted. She said she didn't want long. She didn't want boring. She wanted it to be a celebration — and in many ways, it was.”

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