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‘Extra’ InstaMD Dr. Dorian Weighs In on the Omicron Surge

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with our InstaMD Dr. Armand Dorian, who shared his take on the surge in COVID-19 cases.

When asked if events and school should be canceled, Dr. Dorian said, “You can continue with the events, but you have to have everyone’s support. If you actually have everybody join in on the part of just masking, I mean. that would make such a big difference and you can still enjoy these events.”

Maintaining a positive outlook, Dr. Dorian noted, “The silver lining here could be when we hit spring, if so many people have gotten Omicron and we have a baseline of vaccinated, boosted people, with summer or spring around the corner, that may be our kind of light at the end of the tunnel — but we have to hope that it doesn’t mutate again.”

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