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Elle Fanning & Nicholas Hoult Dish on ‘The Great’ Season 2

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst spoke with Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult about the second season of their show “The Great.”

Of what’s to come, Elle said, “It’s around four months after Season 1. [Catherine] has all the power. She has the crown, and it’s everything that she wanted.”

Elle noted that this season will focus on Catherine’s ability to maintain power while “being pregnant.”

While Catherine wants to make the country better, Elle said that her character is struggling to earn respect.

Nicholas plays Peter, Elle’s love interest. He dished, “Peter is falling more and more in love with Catherine.”

Despite the two characters having a “really weird balance” with each other, Nicholas noted that his character is “looking forward” to being a dad. He said, “The fun thing about this season is it’s them becoming parents and figuring out that. It’s also unpacking what our parents were like and how that affected us.”

Elle also opened up about working with her sister Dakota on a movie that was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said, “We were literally days away from going to film and then the pandemic happened. We’re hoping [to film] soon.”

“The Great” returns November 19 on Hulu.

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