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Chloë Bailey Fangirls Over BTS at AMAs 2021

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke with Chloë Bailey at the 2021 American Music Awards, where she gushed over BTS!

Bailey expressed her excitement to see BTS performing, saying, “I’m fangirling because I just met them.”

Chloë also showed some love for New Kids on the Block and New Edition, who were performers at the AMAs. She commented, “I feel like we always have to study the greats, and that’s what I’m doing to perfect my craft… I’m excited to see how that’s going to be tonight, seeing them battle.”

Bailey admitted that she was dealing with “nerves” before her performance, which she teased had “lots of dancing” and “lots of hair swinging.”

Chloë kept it real, showing her “jittering” hands.

Chloë stressed the importance of “being more of myself” while talking about her future projects.

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