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Candace Cameron Bure & John Brotherton Tease Hallmark Movie ‘The Christmas Contest’

“Extra” spoke with Candace Cameron Bure and her “The Christmas Contest” co-star John Brotherton as they kicked off Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas.

In the movie, Candace and John play “exes that become contestants in a Christmas contest.” She dished, “We didn’t end on good terms, so when we come back to compete against each other, it is quite competitive.”

John noted that he had “so much fun” working with Candace, adding, “We have a great chemistry, a rhythm. We enjoy the process.”

Along with dishing on their movie from the Hallmark Channel’s Holiday headquarters, Candance opened up on her family’s holiday traditions. Watch!

Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas kicks off on Friday, October 22.

Watch Candace and John in “The Christmas Contest” on November 28.

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