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Alicia Silverstone on What She Loves About New ‘Babysitters Club,’ Plus: Life in Quarantine with Son Bear

Alicia Silverstone is no stranger to cult classics after starring in the ’90s hit “Clueless.” Now, she’s bringing another cult favorite to the screen with an updated take on “The Babysitters Club.”

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Alicia, who plays the mother of club president Kristy Thomas. She explained, “I was really excited just to read a script that was female-driven and positive and very modern… This show does such a good job at being really wholesome and innocent while also being very current.”

She also talked life in quarantine with her 9-year-old son Bear Blu. “In the beginning it was so luxurious, that feeling of not having to get up at 6:45 in the morning and having hours to lay in bed and talk and then go and make pancakes… That felt really, really good.” She added jokingly, “Then when… you have to work, that doesn’t feel good.”

“The Babysitters Club” series drop July 3 on Netflix.

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