Doc Antle Sounds-Off, Drops 'Tiger King' Bombshells

“Tiger King” is all anyone can talk about these days, exposing some serious drama in the world of big cats.

Rebecca Chaiklin, who co-produced the project with Eric Goode, recently told The L.A. Times that they were “completely forthright with the characters” in the series, but some of the people featured feel differently.

The Netflix docuseries focuses on the feud between zookeeper Joe Exotic and Big Cat rescue owner Carole Baskin, which ended with Joe serving 22 years in prison on several charges, including hiring a hit man to kill her. Meanwhile, Carole has slammed the project for insinuating she was somehow involved in her late husband Don Lewis’ disappearance and death.

In the series, viewers also meet Bhagavan “Doc” Antle the owner of Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, and a major presence in the world of big cats. Doc recently spoke to TMX News about the series — and he dropped some bombshells!

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