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Sherri Shepherd's Hilarious Dating Dealbreakers, Plus: Her Weight Loss Secret

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray sat down with Sherri Shepherd at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up on her love life — and she didn't hold anything back!

Sherri revealed, “They keep wanting to introduce me to retired athletes. I don't want retired atheletes, ya know? 'Cause their feet hurt, their arches are falling — they can’t wear shoes, they got to wear them slippers with the white socks.”

She added, “They got the big stomachs! What happened to the stomach you had when you was running across the field catching the ball? Now I got the basketball belly. I don't want the retired ones.”

Sherri also opened up on the motivation behind her 35-lb. weight loss. Watch!

Sherri was on hand to promote her Netflix series “Mr. Iglesias.”

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