How Beyoncé's Music Inspires Fifth Harmony

“Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds recently sat down with Fifth Harmony at Universal Studios Hollywood, where they gushed about one of their musical influences — Beyoncé!

Normani Hamilton, one of the girls in the group, raved, “She’s definitely a legend of our generation. She’s done so much and she’s paved the way for so many people. She talks about real things”

Last month, Beyoncé had everyone talking about her new album “Lemonade” and its theme of cheating. Dinah-Jane Hansen added, ”No one really thought that was going on with Beyoncé. People see her in this perfect marriage, perfect relationship, they don't know what she actually goes through as a woman."

Fifth Harmony is currently promoting their new single “Work From Home,” which is their first Top 10 hit. The song is off their sophomore album “7/27,” dropping May 27.

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