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How Natalie Portman Became Iconic First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Natalie Portman is transforming into America’s most iconic first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.

The Oscar-winner had to perfect and channel everything about the First Lady, telling “Extra,” "When you do all that research it kind of lives inside you."

She had to learn everything about Jackie, from her very specific accent to her smoking habits. “She never smoked publicly and it was quite well-documented that she smoked a lot privately… It was such a big part of her and that era and that time.”

The story is based on the true story of a reporter, played by Billy Crudup, who interviewed Jackie just days after the President’s death. Billy noted “the trauma, unimaginable trauma of witnessing your husband's death,” adding, “and then on top of that having to curate what would be the legacy of the Kennedy name.”

“Jackie” makes its way to theaters Friday, December 2.

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