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'Hulk Smash Pimples': Kate Hudson Shares Her New Beauty Secret

Mask much? Kate Hudson spent her Sunday night channeling the Hulk in a green beauty mask!

Her weapon of choice? Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask. This was Kate’s first time trying it, posting, “Hulk Smash Pimples” and that it “smells like it works.”

The star, who is expecting her third child, even asked boyfriend Danny Fujikawa to help her define the scent. Danny took a couple of whiffs and concluded that the smell is “like sulfuric acid…”

“That means it’s working,” Kate replied.

If Kate was trying to target pimples, she may have chosen the mask for its trio of salicylic acid, including white willow bark, wintergreen extract and meadowsweet. The beauty treatment also includes quartz sand micro-crystals for exfoliation.

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