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How Jude Law’s 'The Young Pope' Character Is Similar to Donald Trump

Jude Law is transforming into a fictional ruthless leader of the Catholic Church for the new HBO show “The Young Pope.”

Law’s character Lenny Belardo aka Pope Pius XIII looks to turn the power structure upside down. With President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration a week away, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway asked the actor if there were any similarities between his character and Trump.

Jude replied, “I don’t know if there are similarities except no one can figure out who voted for him or how he got there and what he's going to do. Similarity? Yeah, he's kind of cleaning out the Vatican, draining the swamp of the Vatican, and is incredibly conservative. Similarity? Oh, yeah, for sure.”

“The Young Pope" will start his reign Sunday on HBO!

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