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Bella Thorne Reveals Why Snapchat Is Her Favorite Social Media Platform to Use

Former Disney star Bella Thorne sat down with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she rocked a killer Versace ensemble.

Thorne has been known to show off her sexy looks on her social media accounts, including her favorite platform – Snapchat. She explained, “I think it's cool because number one… there’s no comments.”

One thing Bella did comment on… her time at the gym. She said, “I haven’t been to the gym, guys.” Though she isn’t at the gym, it doesn’t mean she can’t workout. She shared, “I do like abs and legs everyday and that’s it.”

Bella is working on a project with Burt's Bees and their line of lipstick and other products. As for how fans can participate in the project, she responded, "by using the hashtag love your nature and just telling what you love about you."

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