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Eric McCormack Dishes on Possible Storyline for ‘Will & Grace’ Revival

Before news broke about the "Will & Grace” revival, Eric McCormack spoke to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh in December about reuniting with his cast mates in September for a presidential election skit.

He said, "When we got back together… it reminded us of how easy it is for the four of us to play in that sandbox.”

When Renee asked where the show would pick up if there was a reboot, Eric responded,"We'd wake up in bed beside Suzanne Pleshette, like it never happened... like it just continued.” He was referencing the classic final episode of “Newhart,” in which series star Bob Newhart woke up next to Suzanne Pleshette, who had played his wife on his former sitcom, “The Bob Newhart Show.” The joke was that the entire second series had been a dream.

McCormack went on to say, “The thing about situation comedy... there is great comfort in seeing that situation unchanged."

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