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Watch! Fan Crashes Denzel Washington’s Interview

On Tuesday night, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Denzel Washington as he was honored at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

The actor, happy to be recognized for his work, said, “I just lead an amazing life. I'm blessed.”

While Denzel received lots of loud love from fans in attendance, he added, ”Yes! That's my inspiration back there.” During our interview, the 62-year-old was interrupted by an admirer who approached him. He responded, “Who's that sneaking up on me?… Come on and be in the show.”

Terri, caught in the middle, joked, “Where's all your security? You're too nice. That's the problem. Denzel is far too nice.” He smiled, “I ain't all that nice. You saw 'Training Day.’”

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