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Joy Behar Sounds Off on ‘Joker’ Donald Trump

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Joy Behar backstage at “The View” to talk politics.

Joy weighed in on presidential hopeful Donald Trump, saying she doesn’t believe he can unite the GOP because he’s not really a Republican.

“Oh, no, he's not going to unite it because he's not really a Republican,” she said. “He's neither a Republican nor a Democrat… in the deck of cards there is the king, the queen, and the joker — that's him"

Behar also pointed out that Trump was able to take over the GOP because he appealed to the voters.

“He tapped into some malaise in the country,” she said. “People who aren’t employed. I feel for them. My family was not rich — we lived in a tenement in Brooklyn my whole childhood. So I understand what it is like to live hand-to-mouth… and that is what they are suffering from, but they are going to a false god because he is not offering them anything that can help them.”

Watch the full interview for more of Joy’s thoughts on Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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