Mark Geragos on Chris Brown’s Accuser, and What to Expect from ‘Notorious’ Premiere

Over the weekend, “Extra” spoke to Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos at a PaleyFest fall TV preview for his upcoming show “Notorious,” where he was joined on the red carpet by fellow executive producer Wendy Walker.

Chris was recently accused of pointing a gun at actress and former Miss California Regional Baylee Curran. Of Chris' legal drama, Mark said, "This is not the first time somebody has fabricated something about him and what we normally do is we go right after them.”

Geragos went on, "He's had so many issues with stalkers. There was a home invasion there. His aunt was tied up and put in a closet. He didn't get the response he would've wanted. And then when this incident happens — which we think is contrived and fabricated — there's a response like something out of 'Notorious.’”

The famed lawyer hinted the show’s first episode would be “very reminiscent of what happened at Chris Brown’s house."

“Notorious" is based on Mark’s work with Walker, who is played by Piper Perabo. Wendy joked, “She’s really beautiful, pretty, and smart, so I think it was perfectly cast.” Daniel Sunjata steps into Geragos’ shoes in the ABC series.

The show premieres September 22.

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