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Bon Jovi Compares Intimate Concert to Spa Treatment

Bon Jovi has been rocking out for four decades and has sold 130 million albums — now, they are giving fans a rare, intimate performance of their new song “Knockout,” and frontman Jon Bon Jovi is speaking out about his support for Hillary Clinton.

It’s the first time the band has performed in such a small venue, giving fans an hour-and-a-half concert at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach. Jon joked to “Extra," “The sweatier the better. This is like a spa treatment.”

The band is also preparing to head out on the road to promote its 14th studio album, “This House Is Not for Sale.” Jon said of the tour, “We’re really excited by the reception for it. We’re getting ready for a tour, but we’re not ready to go out yet.” The national tour kicks off next month.

Backstage, Jon opened up about campaigning for Hillary Clinton and her tough loss. “I adore Mrs. Clinton. I said all along, regardless of the outcome, the country had to come together.”

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