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Awkwafina Talks About Hype Surrounding ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Awkwafina at Universal Studios Hollywood as she promoted her new film “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Of the all-Asian cast, Awkwafina said, “It’s impactful. People wanna cry when they see this movie. It’s the power of representation.”

When Renee mentioned that she brings comedy to the film, Awkwafina quipped, “I bring the wig.”

The 29-year-old also discussed her breakthrough role in “Ocean’s 8,” starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Mindy Kaling. She joked, “Small indie. I was definitely the most famous one.”

“Crazy Rich Asians” is in theaters now.

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