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In the Hot Seat! Natalie Dormer Talks Jon Snow and Her New Movie ‘The Forest’

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Natalie Dormer at our H&M studio in Times Square, where they chatted about “Game of Thrones” and her new movie “The Forest.”

AJ had the British beauty in the hot seat, asking her if “GoT” favorite Jon Snow is still alive.

“I know nothing,” she said coyly before AJ asked to blink twice if he’s still alive. Watch the video to see her reaction!

While she’s really good at dodging the big mystery surrounding the upcoming sixth season of the Golden Globe-nominated series, she did talk about her own character Margaery.

“I can say Margaery is in a jail cell and she's trying desperately to get out… she’s trying really hard. She's a wily one. She's always looking for the angle.”

She also dished on her co-star in “The Forest,” Taylor Kinney, joking that he’s “horrible to look at, especially the eyes. They do nothing for me.”

In the horror flick, Dormer plays a woman searching for her twin who mysteriously disappeared.

She added that the movie is “a lot of running around. A lot of screaming. A lot of scares. It was a good ride.”

“The Forest” opens in theaters Friday.

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