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Why Taraji P. Henson Chose Taye Diggs as 'Empire’ Love Interest

“Extra” recently caught up with Taraji P. Henson and Trai Byers at the H&M Times Square studio. The two are dishing secrets from their hit Fox show “Empire"

When it comes to love interests, Taraji P. Henson isn’t afraid to say she wanted hottie Taye Diggs to hook up with her character Cookie.

The leading lady said, "I started thinking who I worked with, who I haven't worked with and who I want to work with and Taye came up right away. Actually, I gotta tell the truth. My publicist was like, ‘Taye Diggs,' and I was like, “OH, MY GOD! TAYE DIGGS!"

Trai, who plays eldest son Andre is revealing that everyone will be in danger on tonight’s episode and, "This happens to be my favorite season."

The drama accelerates tonight on Fox for the mid-season conclusion of “Empire"!

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