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John Cena Gushes Over GF Nikki Bella

WWE superstar John Cena is one of the busiest men in Hollywood, but he took time to catch up with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh before hosting the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards this Saturday.

Cena wants to take his girlfriend, wrestler Nikki Bella, as his date to the award show. “I hope so; she is working harder than I am. You say I am the busiest person, she truly is.”

Despite their schedules, the busy couple always makes time for one another. He shared, “It sometimes comes down to the unromantic fact of scheduling time for each other, which — for lack of a better word — sucks, but when we have that time with each other, it’s truly incredible. I love her to death and I look forward to the next time I see her… Certainly, we talk and text a lot, but she has gotten me into FaceTime and we FaceTime every day.”

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