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Katie Couric Joins Jimmy Kimmel for His First Colonoscopy — What Happens?

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” which features the talk-show host undergoing his first colonoscopy.

In the clip, Kimmel pokes fun at Katie Couric for accompanying him in the hospital, joking, “I’m telling you, I’ve met some real perverts in my life, but you take the cake, Katie Couric.”

Katie laughed, reminding him, “It’s not sexual.”

Doctor Christina Ha told Jimmy, “So, we’re going to take a careful look in your colon and the goal is to identify polyps, so if we see any polyps we’ll remove them.”

Kimmel quipped, “And then I can have them? Whatever is in there, I need. I want all the pieces.”

When Katie asked why more people aren’t getting screened, Kimmel responded, “Because they go up your a**, that’s why!”

Jimmy will go over his results on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” tonight!

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