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Jackie Collins’ Daughter Opens Up on Her Mom’s Final Days

“Extra’s” special correspondent Dr. Maggie DiNome spoke to Jackie Collins’ daughter Rory Green, who recently battled breast cancer, the disease that took her mother’s life.

Just days before her death last year, Jackie broke her silence on her six-year battle with breast cancer. Rory said, “She hoped her story would inspire other women not to live in that place of fear.”

Rory was diagnosed with breast cancer just months before her mom passed. She admitted, “It was incredibly painful. It was heartbreaking for all of us when I was diagnosed.”

Green was able to share some good news with Jackie before she died. She revealed, “A week before she died, I had my final surgery, which indicated that I was cancer-free and she knew that and I feel in a way that gave her permission to let go, perhaps.”

Dr. DiNome was one of the doctors to help Rory kick cancer.

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