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Watch! Mel Gibson’s Hilarious Comparison of His Family Life to a ‘Jerry Springer’ Episode

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh hung out with Mel Gibson and John Lithgow on the set of their comedy film “Daddy’s Home 2.”

During the set visit, Mel opened up about becoming a father for the ninth time, telling Renee, “It’s getting 'Jerry Springer.' I’ve got children younger than my grandchildren.”

Mel’s girlfriend Rosalind Ross gave birth to their baby boy in January. He gushed, “She's a great mother, so I have to do very little.” While he is “digging” parenthood with Rosalind, he also complimented her for her ability to get back into pre-baby shape, saying, “I don’t know how she did that. It's like… what?”

In “Daddy’s Home 2,” Mel plays Mark Wahlberg’s father and John plays Will Ferrell’s dad. Renee also spoke with Mark, Will, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Linda Cardellini on the set of the film, which hits theaters in November.

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