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What Kate Beckinsale Said About Those Michael Sheen Nude Photos

Last night, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Kate Beckinsale at Los Angeles Confidential Magazine's Annual Women of Influence event in Beverly Hills, where Kate talked about sending nude pics of her ex, Michael Sheen, to their daughter Lily.

She joked on "Conan" earlier this month, "Sometimes in a low moment, she'll text me that picture or I'll text it to her.”

Beckinsale explained about the photo, "What you have to understand is… this is a photo that's already online. This isn't some photo I've got of Michael in my phone in, like, a sex mask. This is literally just a still from a movie that she was appalled to come across one day anyway, and given that she'd already seen it, it's become kind of a family joke.”

"It's not a coffee-table book of Michael nudes that we send out. That would be disgusting,” Kate added.

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