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Joan Crawford & Bette Davis Taught the World How to Throw Shade

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis invented throwing shade after 45 years of nasty digs at each other! Their story, “Feud: Bette and Joan,” is the next show from “American Horror Story’s” Ryan Murphy.

“Extra” was with Susan Sarandon at the premiere, where she discussed transforming into two-time Oscar-winner Bette Davis, saying, “She was very complicated. Bette got in touch with me through a director and asked me to play her then, but there was not a script or anything, and I was too inept to know what to do with that. So, nothing came of that.”

To get into the role, Susan said, “I have been watching a lot of her interviews. The two of us had a lot of the same feelings about the business. Of course, there is ageism and sexism, but I think it’s very different now. We understand that we all need each other.

Jessica Lange said of playing Joan Crawford, “There was so little of me left after I got into Joan.”

"Feud: Bette and Joan" premieres Sunday, March 5 on FX.

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