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Watch ‘The Crown’ in a Castle, ‘Arrested Development’ on a Yacht? LG’s Ultimate Binging Experience!

Netflix fans won’t want to miss this!

The LG B&Binge is offering fans a chance to win the ultimate binging experience for Netflix favorites like “The Crown” and “Arrested Development.”

Winners will be immersed in their favorite shows in a location that looks like it came straight from the screen. “The Crown” fans will be lounging in a castle in Yorkshire, England, while “Arrested Development” fans will be hanging out in L.A. on a replica of the Bluth family’s infamous yacht. Their favorite episodes will be streaming on the LG OLED TV the whole time!

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with David Vanderwaal, LG Senior Vice President of Marketing, to find out more. Watch!

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