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Josh Bowman Gives Inside Peek at ‘Time After Time’ Series

“Extra” was first to visit the set of “Time After Time” where we spoke with stars Josh Bowman, Freddie Stroma and Genesis Rodriguez!

Bowman, who plays Jack the Ripper, revealed, “It’s a fun adventure story with H.G. Wells. Part of it they are all friends, so it has been fun to play with that. These two have arrived here from Victorian England and they are in this amazing world in Manhattan.”

Freddie Stroma, who plays H.G. Wells, added, "We have a complex relationship between him and Jack the Ripper, who is his best friend, but they also have very different views on world and on life and death."

Genesis Rodriguez shared, "I’m just the biggest sci-fi nerd possible. Anything time travel, I am just attracted to, and I can’t believe I am in this show. I feel very grateful.”

“Time After Time” premieres Sunday, March 5 on ABC.

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