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Tracey’s Tricks & Trends – How to Find a New You in 2016

The new year is just around the corner, so it’s time for a new you!

Here are some of the ways to achieve a transformation from head to toe. The Venus Viva is the perfect solution to erase it all and resurface the skin in just 30 minutes.

Dr. Jason Emer explained the technique, saying, “In the past, everyone has used laser energy, but certain patients with sensitive skin, they can get hyper pigmentation with laser energy. Venus Viva uses radio frequency and SmartScan technology, which actually can get rid of hyper pigmentation.”

Another cost-effective alternative is Skin Laundry, founded by Yen Reis, which tightens up your skin over time. She said, “I wanted to make it as efficient as possible for a busy person. We clean you up."

To lose inches off your waist, Strawberry Laser Lipo Treatment is the way to go. Kim Kardashian’s BFF Brittny Gastineau tried out the laser treatment to get a smaller waistline. After the laser session, hop on a vibrating machine to circulate the extracted fat cells that will flush out. Gastineau said, “In less than an hour, I just lost 2 1/2 inches.”

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