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‘Extra’s’ Favorite Gifts to Give for the Holidays

With Christmas very near, the time crunch is on to find the perfect gifts! “Extra’s” Mario Lopez, Charissa Thompson, Renee Bargh and Tracey Edmonds are showing you some perfect presents to put under the tree.

When he isn’t spending time in Port Charles, Ryan Paevey’s side project is creating jewelry. He says he has always been a bit crafty, “I’m on Ebay every day buying stones from, like, India or Mexico, but there is a good portion of these things that I collect on the road, and I go home and make something with them.”

If tech is more your style, Samsung’s new VR is only $99. There are over 400 VR apps you can choose from, including one that can make you feel as though you are on a roller coaster!

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? They make a great gift, and with, you can get premium fresh flowers delivered, and they’re ready to display right out of the box!

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