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Jennifer Lopez Teases ‘Shades of Blue’ Season 2 Secrets

Jennifer Lopez is making NYC her runway as she promotes the return of her hit show “Shades of Blue.”

J.Lo, who stars on the show with Ray Liotta, chatted with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway on the red carpet of the new season’s premiere, dishing on what fans can expect. "Last year was a roller coaster ride for Harlee and Woz, the characters me and Ray play,” she said. "And this year, it just goes into higher gear.”

She added, "They were under the threat of the FBI the last time. Now it's more threats. There's outside threats. There's still the FBI. There's so much going on. They're just trying to keep their heads above water.”

Of her character Harlee Santos, Lopez says, “For the most part, it's not me. I see that character that I play and I go, 'I don't know that person.'"

“Shades of Blue” returns to NBC Sunday!

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