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Zoë Kravitz Is the New Face of YSL Beauty!

Singer and actress Zoë Kravitz is going to be the new muse for YSL Beauty!

Kravitz will do a social media collaboration and take part in a video for the brand. “Before the Light” will be shot in Los Angeles, and will focus on how up-and-coming musicians use the power of makeup to unleash their personality onstage.

Zoë recently sat down to chat about the concept of the video and how she relates. Watch!

She said in a statement, "YSL Beauty has always been one of my favorite brands. Their ability to combine the chicest of style with a raw edge has always been to me one of the best ways to express yourself through beauty. Nothing is forced, nothing is fake, but everything is bold, strong, and unafraid. I'm very excited to work with this legendary and timeless company.”

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