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Gladys Knight on the Last Time She Saw Aretha Franklin

Legendary singer Gladys Knight is remembering her dear friend and fellow singer, Aretha Franklin.

“Extra” spoke with the 74-year-old at the U.S. Open's opening night, where she reflected on the last time she saw Aretha. She said, “Last time I saw her was here in New York… She was at the hotel and she knows all my people and I knew all her people. I was upstairs in the room with Steve, he’s like my adopted son, he said, 'Miss Aretha is down in the lobby. She said for you to come downstairs.' I thought, 'I should tell her you can come up here,' that’s how sisters are, a real thing, not something you put on, so I said okay... We hugged and stuff…I knew at that point that she was ill — she shared that and I understand it because I was diagnosed as well. I have been very blessed to have it under control.”

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