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Tom Hanks' 'TMI' Response to His Valentine’s Day with Wife Rita Wilson

It was date night for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson as they stepped out for An Unforgettable Evening on Thursday… which turned into an unforgettable interview for “Extra’s” Renee Bargh.

When Renee asked the couple, who has been married since 1988, about their Valentine’s Day, Tom gave a response that she didn’t see coming. Tom said, “You gotta bang that Valentine first thing in the morning, though.” After realizing what he just said, he laughed, “Oh, no, no — you gotta have the Valentine's Day gift bang, solid on the kitchen table when you come down for coffee. I now realize what I just said.”

Rita helped him out, explaining, “You have to prepare in advance is what he's trying to say.” Tom added, “I had the card, letter and the gift right there when she came down in the morning.”

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