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Golden Globes 2017: Could Mandy Moore’s Boyfriend Be 'the One'?

Mandy Moore has a new man in her life, and she revealed a little bit about him on the Golden Globes red carpet!

When “Extra’s” Mario Lopez asked the “This Is Us” star where her date was she replied, “No date. My cast is my date tonight… but my man is going to come meet me afterwards for the parties.” Intrigued, Mario said “Oh, so there’s a man?” Mandy smiled back and said, “There is a man.”

When Mario asked if she was married to him, the 32-year-old responded, “Just boyfriend.” She smirked as she added she “didn’t know” if he was "the one.”

"I’ve already done [the] 'the one' thing before. I’ve already been married,” she said referring to her ex-husband, singer Ryan Adams. Back to her mystery man, she would only allow, "He’s the best. I’m very lucky.”

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