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Jamie Foxx Speaks Out on Last Week’s Shootings, Reveals How He Is Fighting Gun Violence

On Sunday, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Jamie Foxx at the 2016 All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game at Petco Park in San Diego, where last week’s shootings were still fresh on the Oscar winner’s mind.

Last week, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, killed five police officers and wounded 10 other officers and bystanders in Dallas, just days after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed by cops. Foxx called the Texas shootings “the saddest thing in the world.” Foxx had a personal connection, commenting, “I'm from Dallas, so God bless all of those police officers that, you know, gave their lives up protecting and serving, but also, you can't help but talk about what's going on between us, you know, there's some uncomfortable conversations that we're gonna have to have about, you know, racial things and racial harmony between police officers and black folks. We've been meaning to have this conversation for 300 years.”

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