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Can Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Fans Beat Her on 'Big Fan'?

The biggest fans of Kim Kardashian, Kristen Bell, Aaron Rodgers and others are coming out for the brand-new ABC game show “Big Fan.”

The fans will have to prove to the celebrity that they know them better than the celeb knows themselves. Kim K said of the experience, “I like really do pride myself on having close relationships with my fans, so the idea of meeting a big fan and to be part of a show like this is really fun."

The show is inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's late night show’s segment “Who Knows?” Jimmy will also be serving as the executive producer, while Andy Richter will host.

To be a contestant on the show, the late-night talker said you need to fit the criteria, “Number one, you have a pet named after the celebrity, or named after the celebrities pet. Number two, there have to be posters in your home whether you’re married or not — it doesn’t matter."

The big premiere of “Big Fans" is January 9 on ABC!

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