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Denzel Washington Gets Real About His Ridesharing Experience

Last night, “Extra’s” Mark Wright caught up with Denzel Washington at the L.A premiere of “The Equalizer 2,” his new action-packed film.

While Washington plays an ex-CIA operative turned Lyft driver, the Oscar winner admitted to Mark that he has never taken a ridesharing service before. He joked, “I came here in a Lyft, yes,” quickly adding, “I’ve never been in a Lyft or Uber!”

Many stars were in attendance of the “Equalizer 2” premiere, including LL Cool J, who revealed that he would give anything to star alongside Washington... in a movie.

When asked how he felt about LL Cool J wanting to work with him, Washington replied, “He’s a big boy. You ever squeeze his arms? It’s like a brick.”

“The Equalizer 2” opens in theaters July 20.

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