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Teresa Giudice Gets Candid About Her Finances in First TV Interview Since Prison

In her first TV interview since prison, Teresa Giudice opens up about her current financial state.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star sat down with “Good Morning America’s” Amy Robach, revealing the latest on her home foreclosure and restitution.

“I’m not in foreclosure any longer. Thank you, God,” she said. “Our restitution is paid off, and that’s it, we are, thank God, in good shape.”

When Amy asked if Teresa, who pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud, believed she was breaking the law, Teresa responded, “This is what happened in my eyes. I signed some papers. There was no intent to commit a crime. I didn’t know I was committing a crime. I got indicted. The government saw it differently. I got sentenced. I got served time. I did what I had to do and now I’m moving past it.”

Watch Amy Robach’s interview with Teresa tomorrow on “GMA.”

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