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What Casey Affleck & Michelle Williams Disagree on About ‘Manchester by the Sea’

It was a big night for Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards as their movie “Manchester by the Sea” dominated.

The duo chatted with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway about the movie they never thought would gain this much attention. Michelle said, "Who would have thought it? Who would have thought it? It's the little movie that could… I didn't think it would even come out in movie theaters.”

Her co-star Casey saying, "The truth is, when you're doing a movie like this you just kind of… you've got no time to think about anything, but just doing it. You know? And trying to get it done in time.” He did disagree on one thing she said. “You know anything with Michelle is gonna make it to theaters."

There is still one memento from the film that Casey is hanging on to — his beard! "They asked me if I can grow a beard and I was like, 'Yeah, I can grow a beard.’… Like nine months later, I'm still, like, pushing out a little thing."

"Manchester by the Sea” is in theaters now.

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